Chill-It 1 / 3 Food Pan

Chill-It® Food Pans help keep chilled foods fresh and safe from time–temperature abuse, without the need for ice baths or electricity. Chill–It® Food Pans are perfect for use in food preparation, catering, buffet service , salad bars, coffee stations– or wherever food and condiments need to be kept cold for extended periods of time. Features / Benefits •Eliminates the mess of unsanitary ice baths •Ideal for use in back–of–house food preparation areas and front–of–house serving and holding applications •Simply freeze overnight and food stays cold for up to 8 hours •Designed to fit into standard 1/6, 1/3 and 1/2 size food pan templates •Constructed of durable ABS plastic with a non–toxic insulated gel core •NSF Certified and dishwasher safe •Optional lids allow for easy storage and stacking

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