Half Pan Steam Pan Liner

Item Number: SPL24X17
PanHandlers® products helps you handle food preparation. Make clean-up a snap with these disposable pan liners. Designed to provide a sanitary way to hold, transport, cook, and serve food. At the end of the day, simply twist tie leftovers and store or dispose. Save on time, labor, and cost of cleaning chemicals. Eliminate scouring and scrubbing of pans to remove baked-on foods. •Maximum temperature of 220° F, NOT designed for use in ovens. •Safe to go directly from freezer to microwave, steam table, slow cooker, or oven. •Perfect for steam table warmers, food warmers, slow cookers, and soup pots. •Available to fit all standard pan sizes. •Recommended for use in the kitchen and on buffet and cafeteria lines for holding all types of foods. •Excellent in slow cookers or steam pans for hard-to-clean foods like cheese sauces, dipping sauces, hot syrups, and toppings like fudge and caramel, soups, and gravies. •Domestically made of high density polyethylene film. •Eliminate dried-out and burned-on foods. •Prevent direct metal-to-food contact to enhance appearance and improve moisture and flavor retention. •Bags will not impart odor or taste to food. •Eliminate costly product waste and messy clean-up. •Handgards' PanHandlers® Steam Pan Liners are produced from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene resin which fully complies with FDA Rule 177.1520 for food contact.
Item Number: SPL24X17

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